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Here we offer you help for various problems. You will also find frequently asked questions below.

Visa Assitance

If you have any questions about the visa process you will find the answers at our Visa Information

If this answer is not enought and you need additional help. We ask you to fill in this form. This will speed up the process because in this form we ask you for all details to help you in a fast way

Visa Assistance form

Hotel bevor and after Rallye 

Booking assitance by Orga is closed. To be shure that the rooms are avilable. our lists have been already  send to the hotels

Own booking with a web platform is still possible. We have listed links of possible hotels.

Arrival and departure Ferry

Eden Hotel 12.03. - 13.03.19

Eden Hotel 25.03. - 27.03.19 

Hotel Mouahidine 12.03. - 13.03.19

Hotel Mouahidine 25.03. - 27.03.19 

Arrival and departure with plane

Hotel Ibis 15.03. - 16.03.19

Hotel Ibis 24.03. - 25.03.19

Hotel Mercur 15.03. - 16.03.19

Hotel Mercur 24.03. - 25.03.19