New Country new landscape

The Tuareg Rallye 2019 will take place in the Algerian desert with its impressing dunes and monumental mountains.

Mix of dune pist, off-road

The desert river Saura define the border between the Grand Erg Occidental and the mountains of the Jebel Barouan. Water have create spectacular landscapes. Sometimes there are only a few hundred meter between the rocks of the mountains and the dunes of the Grand Erg Occidental. The Design of the track will use this circumstance . The track of the Tuareg Rallye will regular change between dunes, pists and off-road. This guarantees diversified track with many highlights.

Maximum Off-road

100% Special no Liasion. Even none at the end or beginning.

The Tuareg Rallye 2019 starts in the middle of the Algerian desert.
Long road section from the coast to the desert for competitors are bridged by air. A chartered plane will bring the competitors to the desert airport of Bechar. With Off-road cars and busses you will be transported through the Barouan mountains direct to the start of the Tuareg Rallye which is placed at the beginning of the endless dunes of the Grand Erg Ocidental. Your service team will guarantee that your race vehicle is at the start in time.


Different levels of difficulty
Expert or Pro. The stage of the Experts ends after the first finish. The Pro category have to manage additional 50% more. The additional track of the pro category is more difficult and includes more dunes.

The favourite track for cars, SSV and motorbikes is different. Because of this we have split the track design in  into Pro Dunes and Pro Rallye.

Competitors in the Pro car category will drive with the Pro Rallye track rallye typical tracks with a combination of fast pists and dune section.

Competitors in the motorbike and SSV group will drive with the Pro Dune track more dunes with smaller pist section. Motorbike drivers have to mange special enduro sections.

Simple Sollutions

Your focus is competition. Let Orga and your service team do the rest. 

Simple transport sollutions
Save time, use the plane. Your service team will transport your vehicle direct into the desert and will do all the custom work for you.

Easy because of Team Support
You drive. Your service team will look after your luggage your tent, petrol on the track and if offered, the service team will repair your bike while a physiotherapist will look for you.

Easy to get an insurance
Vehicle insurance or medical insurance. if you are member of a premium Service team, your service team will look for both. 

Visa the easie way
Premium Service teams will organise all the things which are necessary. If you do it by your own, you will find a detailed description on this website later.

Arrival and departure
Premium Service teams will look for your international flights. Algerian Partner of the Tuareg Rallye will organise domestic flights additional hotels and transport. If you do it by your own, you will find a detailed timetable on this website later.

Fair competition

No wheeling and dealing. Simple rules. Controllable results.

Fair because of secret CP
Up to 10 Checkpoints will control if you drive the correct track. Additional advantage, you are not alone if you have a problem

Fair because of personal Timecard
You always have a copy of your result black on white. No one can manipulate them. Additional if you loos your card we have a copy of it.

fair and simple Penalty

As faster you are, as more you drive as better you are in the result. Additional if you do not manage the complete track you still will have a fair result

Fast and verifiable Results
Pre result will be avilable a few minutes after reaching the finish. Detailed final results will be published before briefing. In case of doubt, quick check by Orga or sports court.