Portrait: Winner of Auto Pro

Alex Cole
Age: 51
Job: Garage Owner
Sporting Achivements: Participant and Winner of various rallies
Hobbys: rallying, running, paragliding, kitesurfing
Emma Osman
Age: 47
Job: Magazine editor
Sporting achievements: 3-times Co Driver on Rallye :)
Hobbys: rallying, kitesurfing

Alex thinks the Tuareg Rallye is a perfect event for amateurs as well as a great navigational test and training ground for those who ultimately want to continue to compete in Africa Eco or the Dakar. It's a great introduction to driving the dunes (in fact, the Kings Stage is as tough as a day on the original Dakar route!). The scenery is stunning and it's a very well-organised event with an emphasis on safety. 

We would like to come back to compete in the Tuareg again, we have been interested in driving in Algeria for some time!

Portrait: Winner of Motorbike pro

Thorsten Kaiser
Age: 41
Job: Mechanical engineer and two-wheel mechanic or rally mechanic

Since 1998/99 I have always been on the Dakar and other rallies as a mechanic and wanted to drive at some point ... In 2002, it was then in Morocco on the Tuareg Rally so far. Until then I only rode Moto Cross and Enduro. Then the first time desert, rally, road book, navigation (at that time still with compass, without GPS) ... Of course I had to, as probably everyone else, first learn to navigate, learn to somehow get along in the sand, and got there Over the years it paid so much tribute ... since 2006 that works so halfway usable ...
Over the years, I was able to drive all kinds of amateur events and sometimes even win. However, for the big FIM or World Cup events, the money was always missing and by now I am a little too old for that ... Finally, due to work reasons, it is simply not enough time for major events (Africa Eco Race, Dakar etc.) to prepare accordingly.
From the first rally, I drive only rallies where I / we also offer service. Until about 2012 I still screwed the gasnzen nights. Since about 3 years I go well to midnight to bed and leave at least a part of the work my / our mechanics.
Unfortunately, Albania falls into the water again due to work, but Serres will probably still be.

Portrait: Winner of the Quad Group

Clemens Eicker
Age: 49
Job: self-employed (production of quads, rally service and adventure tours)
Sporting achievements: several successes in motocross, 2006 / 2007 / 2018 winner of the Tuareg Rally in the Quad class, 2008 second place in the Tuareg Rally in the Quad class, 2016 winner of the Merzouga Rally

The Tuareg Rally is like a big family to me, in which you can just feel good thanks to the nice people in the organization. We look forward to this event all year round.
My goal for 2019 is to participate in the Dakar Rally in the Quad class. In 2017, I was already enrolled in the Dakar, but had to cancel because of a broken arm participation in the rally. For the participation in 2019 I hope to get enough sponsors, otherwise it remains only a dream.

Portrait: Winner of Motorbike Pro over 50  

Dominique Robin 
Age: 56 Years
Job: COO in automotive company
Sports: I raced a Rallye once a year for 15 years (including Dakar, Atlas, SERTÕES, Tunisia,Trans-Oriental, Orient)

I´m at the Tuareg Rallye since 2016, a very nice and well organizes Rallye.
It is for me the best compromise between quality, safety, sport, fun and price, now.
My objective is still to win the Tuareg Rallye and I will try next year.
Anyway, my first objective is to have great fun with friends around the Owaka team and 
to be with my brother and son. 
And for sure get no injury.

We should be in Algeria in 2019! 

Portrait: Winner of Motorbike Expert and Motorbike Expert over 50

Mirco Bettini
Age: 55 Years
Job: Financial Planer
Sports: Enduro rider, Motorrallye and Raid TT since 1988 (with motorbikes of all categories) FMI off road Instructor
I have traveled in the African desert over 60 times (Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Muritania, Senegal) with motorbike and 4x4. 

I will take part in the 2019 tuareg rallye, looking for victory again!

Portrait: Winner of Car Expert

Wijnand Strik

Age: 51 years
Job: Entrepreneur
Sports: walking in the Dutch Dunes, following MotoGp and Dakar on television

Marcel Thijssens

Age: 45 years
Job: Entrepreneur
Sports: classic-cars, skiing, scuba-diving, outdoor-activities, office endurance (working 12hr shifts)

It was an amazing experience!
We have had a lot of fun and learned a lot this year and will make sure that we will be even better prepared for our competition next year!
Planning for upgrades to our Toyata "the beast" Landcruiser and plans for a VW-oriented dune buggy are taking shape.
One year until the next Tuareg seems long but I guess we will need our time to get everything ready to race!

Tuareg Rallye 2019

Race Categorys

Motorbike Pro

Long demanding routes
400 - 500 km of dunes
Competition experience. Additional rating older 50 years

Motorbike Expert

Rally typical routes
60 - 80 km of dunes
Beginners suitable
Additional rating older 50 years
Additional evaluation Two imprint cylinders

Motorbike Challenge

5 instead of 7 days
20 - 40 km of dunes
Beginners suitable

Car Pro

Long demanding routes. 200 - 300 km of dunes
Prototypes + Modified 4x4

Car Expert

Rally typical routes
60 - 80 km of dunes
Modified + close to production 4x4

Car Challenge

5 instead of 7 days
20 - 40 km of dunes
Suzuki Jimny + Suzuki Sammurai


Long demanding routes
400 - 500 km of dunes
Competition experience

Side by Side

Long demanding routes
200 - 300 km of dunes

DE     EN       FR      IT     SP

Without Rating


Support, luggage and vehicle transport
Transporter or truck
No offroad vehicle necessary


LKW , 4 x 4, Side by Side, 2 Zylinder EndurTruck, 4 x 4, Side by Side, 2 cylinder Enduro with good drivers or Sport Enduro beginners.
With guide. Sections of the rally
Tourist attractions.


Friends and partners of the drivers
In the rental car or service vehicle of the team. No offroad vehicle necessary

Included in the entry fee

Technical Suport

Several mountains truck and pickup motorcycle to camp

4 x 4 to street.

SPOT tracker

Monitoring compliance with the route. Satellite based emergency alerting.
Issue loaner at the acceptance in Morocco against pledge

Medical Suport

For years proven high effective rescue system. Helicopter and several 4x4 rescue vehicles. Protection under all weather conditions. Experienced physicians.


Breakfast and dinner at the hotel. Packed lunch. Water without limitation.

Accommodation Camping

Camping in your own tent or vehicle. Use of the sanitary facilities, pool and bar of hotels. Extra charge hotel double room instead of tent 250 €

Event Organisation

20 years experience. Motivated organ team. Have fun, adventure and good mood.